Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Creativity and Positivity are Related


Creativity and Positivity are Related.

Most people think a job in the insurance industry is boring. For me, it is an opportunity. The insurance world is a completely untapped resource. No one uses social media. No one uses marketing tools. No one makes videos or infographics. Applying creativity to my job as an Account Executive in an insurance company not only makes things fun, new, and exciting, but it develops a whirlwind of positivity that flow in and out my business, and my personal life.


My clients love it, and I have fun doing it. It keeps me social, active, and creative, which then feeds my positive vibe. Creating a video is VERY easy. The exhilaration in front of a camera is way more effective than a cup of coffee. I hope you all have the ability to take the next step to enhance your product or service. Check out my new video below! Production and edits by Candidio.