Monday, October 21, 2013

Find Your Niche

We all have something we are good at and that we enjoy doing. You might not be necessary PROUD at what you are good at, but I know that is something you can do better than me. Like remember The Three Stooges names, or when Lance Armstrong landed on the moon (you don't want to be on my trivia team), or what 34 x 5 is. That... I can't help you with. Find out what you are good at, and do it, all the time. It is what will bring success into your life without even trying.

Seriously you won't even have to try...

I guess we should clarify what I am talking about when I say "try". Let me give you an example:

Mark, a logistics manager is tired and unmotivated, but still has a spreadsheet to fill out and submit in a two hour-deadline. His gears are turning and cranking, but for someone reason the work just does not get lighter or easier.... THAT is trying.

Jenny, a sports writer out of Boston is happy, excited, and passionate about gathering information and content to schedule next month's campaign... that is doing work WITHOUT trying.

The difference between these two situations is Jenny actually wants to do her work.

So how do you make a career with something that you are good at and you love? Well... just start doing it. If you love to paint - paint. Sell your paintings in the closest local fashion store. If you love to write - write. Sign up for Adsense on Google and get paid for the ads they put on your blog. If you want to run - run. Set up a free account on and accept donations to fund your annual half marathon.

My niche is social media marketing. I knew out of college that I wanted to work in social media. A lot of people kept asking me how I was going to make money hanging out on Facebook and Twitter all day. You may be wondering that too. But I am doing it.

There are ways you can succeed doing what you love. You just have to start doing it. But before you quit your job and start your new life you always dreamed of, make sure you have a plan. Make sure you have a plan B in case your first plans falls through. Having a plan is essential in moving forward in your new career in what you love.

Good luck and enjoy doing what you love!